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B0atyPirate Collection
Built a fully bespoke e-commerce solution
Engaged audience with Twitch alerts on every sale
Fulfilled stock globally from multiple distribution centres


B0aty is a household name in the world of Runescape, and we were tasked to build a full e-commerce solution from the ground up. In previous drops, B0aty had seen a lot of success from printing eye catching graphics on pre-made garments, and wanted to continue with that approach.

/ The products

We launched with two t-shirts and a hoodie, all showcasing the completely bespoke Pirate Collection graphic. Using multiple print methods including Direct to Garment, Embroidery and Vinyl transfers, we were able to elevate the blanks into high quality garments, perfect for B0aty’s audience.
/ Stream Overlay

To increase conversions on the collection, we leveraged B0aty’s Twitch audience with visual prompts such as overlay graphics, bio panels, and most importantly, on screen sale alerts. This alert has been an incredibly successful resource when trying emulate streamer to viewer engagement tools provided by Twitch, and has acted as an ongoing, organic prompt to promote the launch.
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